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How to prevent the "lock" phenomenon of stainless steel standard parts
Release time:2020-05-28 10:30  Views:
The first-class stainless steel standard parts have good ductility. When not used properly, the phenomenon commonly known as "lock" or "bite" also occurs, which makes the staff dilemma, and the locked stainless steel standard parts are also difficult to remove Between similar occurrences, share the following precautions to reduce unnecessary trouble for users.
1. Correct selection of standard parts with good quality and low price:
(1) Before use, confirm whether the mechanical properties of the stainless steel standard parts can meet the requirements of use, such as the tensile strength of the bolt and the safety load of the nut;
(2) The length of the stainless steel standard parts such as bolts should be selected properly, preferably 1-2 pitches of the nut after screwing.
2. Minimize the friction coefficient of stainless steel standard parts:
(1) The thread on the stainless steel standard parts must be kept clean, check whether the thread is rough before use;
(2) Add lubricant on stainless steel standard parts before use, such as: 40 # engine oil, butter, etc.
3. Choose the correct operation method:
(1) The nut must be screwed perpendicular to the axis of the screw, not tilted;
(2) The speed and force of the screw-in process should be appropriate, the force must be uniform, and the force must not exceed the safe torque value;
(3) Use torque wrench or socket wrench as much as possible, avoid using adjustable wrench or electric wrench;
(4) It must be cooled when used in a high temperature state, and it is not suitable to use an electric wrench and other rapid rotation, so as to avoid the rapid rise in temperature and cause the professional stainless steel standard parts to lock up.
4. Use washers as needed to effectively prevent the problem of over-tightening of the first-class stainless steel standard parts.
5. The product name and standard number should be indicated when ordering, and the performance level should be marked. When purchasing, we must first determine which type of stainless steel standard parts are required, and then determine what specifications are required, then how many quantities are needed, and whether there are packaging requirements.
Locking or biting often occurs on stainless steel standard parts, and the prevention of "locking" can mainly be considered from the above precautions. Stainless steel standard parts are essentially different from general standard parts and have good ductility. Therefore, the correct understanding of the use of such stainless steel standard parts can prevent the commonly known "lock" or "bite" phenomenon.

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