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Self-tapping screw sleeve installation method and characteristics
Release time:2020-05-28 10:29  Views:
Self-tapping screw sleeve, nickname: self-tapping thread sleeve, self-tapping bushing, thread repair sleeve, is a fastener that strengthens the strength of the thread. Self-tapping screw sleeves of different materials are embedded in copper, aluminum, cast iron, plastic or other softer materials, which can form higher-strength internal threads, improve the strength and wear resistance of threaded holes, and extend service life. At the same time, the self-tapping screw sleeve can also repair the damaged internal thread.
Self-tapping screw classification:
According to the appearance, it can be divided into: slotted type (slot type), slotted type (three hole type);
According to the production material, it is divided into: environmental protection brass self-tapping screw sleeve, carbon steel color-plated zinc self-tapping screw sleeve and stainless steel self-tapping screw sleeve
According to the usage mode, it can be divided into: thread reinforcement and thread repair.
Features and advantages of self-tapping screw sleeves:
With self-tapping and automatic chip removal function, the base material does not need to be tapped in advance;
The contact area with the base material is large, and the tensile strength is strong. The product design can use lower strength materials;
Repair damaged threads without changing the size of internal threads;
Excellent air tightness and shock resistance combined with base material;
Simple and fast installation, low cost.
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